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laminated bags

laminated bags

When analyzing laminated bags, believe that the food industry always seeks protection as one of the main elements.


It is also important to know that laminated bags are used to store food and other products.


Be sure to check out the list below for more flexible plastic packaging options.


  • Plastic bag;
  • transparent plastic packaging;
  • plastic bag with zip closure;
  • Customized stand up pouch packaging;
  • laminated plastic bag;
  • polyethylene film;
  • between others.


In view of what was presented, don't miss the chance to get to know the  Inflex, which has extreme credibility.

  • Purchase laminated bags

    Inflex is a company whose purpose is to be chosen and recognized by its customers as the best producer and supplier of flexible plastic packaging.


    And it provides the best solutions when it comes to frozen food packaging, animal feed packaging and plastic coil  and coil.


    Contact us now for more information about the solutions offered by the company!


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