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Certified Packaging

Certified Packaging

There is a frequent demand for certified packaging, be clear that it aims at certification of the production process.


The regular public looking for this solution, such as the food industry, is also looking for an element considered essential, which is certified packaging, which only a serious company and a reference in its segment like Inflex can offer. See other solutions regarding flexible plastic packaging.


  • 6x24 polyethylene plastic bag;
  • transparent ziplock packaging;
  • zip lock plastic bag with airtight closure;
  • stand up packaging;
  • laminated plastic bag;
  • plastic tube;
  • between others.


In view of the aspects observed, you can be sure that Inflex is a reference in certified packaging in Capitals Brazil.

  • Find a Certified Packaging Company

    Check out more details about this and other solutions offered by Inflex, you can find packaging for frozen food, packaging for animal feed  and much more.


    Developing each job in a professional and objective way, the organization prioritizes the needs of its customers. Find out more by contacting us today!


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