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Plastic bags

Plastic bags

Much is debated about plastic bags, note that everyone looking for plastic bags counts on Inflex.


Favoritism is due to characteristics such as strength and protection. Also, because they are already trustworthy, especially in the opinion of the food industry.


Check out more solutions about plastic bags.


  • Plastic bag;
  • transparent plastic packaging;
  • plastic bag with zip closure;
  • Customized stand up pouch packaging;
  • laminated plastic bag;
  • polyethylene film;
  • between others.


In view of what was presented, don't miss the chance to get to know the  Inflex, which has extreme credibility in Capitals Brazil.

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    Inflex offers the best options in the field of flexible plastic packaging.


    Find the best when it comes to plastic coil, frozen food packaging  and coil.


    The company Inflex even offers the option of Technical Support to customers, be sure to get in touch to find out more!


Budget: (67) 2108-5900

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