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airtight bags

airtight bags

A lot has been discussed recently about hermetic bags, understand that generally this solution can be summarized in the hermetic bags that pack food among other products.


If you want more information about airtight bags, know that it plays the role of packaging food and other products.


See other solutions regarding flexible plastic packaging.


  • Plastic bag;
  • transparent packaging bag;
  • zip lock bag;
  • custom stand up pouch;
  • laminated surprise bag;
  • plastic tube;
  • between others.


In view of the aspects observed, you can be sure that Inflex is a reference in hermetic bags.

  • Know where to find airtight bags

    Inflex is a company whose purpose is to be chosen and recognized by its customers as the best producer and supplier of flexible plastic packaging.


    And it provides the best solutions when it comes to packaging for frozen food,  packaging for animal feed and plastic coil.


    By getting in touch with the team of specialized professionals at Inflex, you will be able to clarify your doubts, they are waiting for your call!


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