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Movie Papers

Movie Papers

"Film papers are produced to meet a number of purposes in the market, although their most common application is to package food together or individually.


Furthermore, it is considered hygienic and functional packaging. Also known as transparent plastic film, the paper film is made of PVC with different thicknesses so that all its forms of use guarantee quality and high protection for food and other products.


In addition to the transparent model, there are also film papers made in different colors, especially the black model, which is widely used in industrial sectors to package products and even to manufacture masks.


  • Prevents entry of oxygen;
  • Ensures that food does not spoil or develop an undesirable odor;
  • Protects against insects.


Some versions of film paper also allow use in low temperature places, such as refrigerators and freezers, as well as use in the barbecue or oven, always following the manufacturer's recommendations.

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    Film papers also stand out for their low production cost, which guarantees access to industrial sectors, small and medium-sized commercial establishments and end consumers.


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