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packaging industry

packaging industry

There is a lot of debate about the packaging industry, understand that the food industry is looking for recyclables and considers the company Inflex as the best solution.


There are those who are also interested in other flexible plastic packaging options. Check it out below.


  • plastic bag;
  • transparent plastic gift wrapping;
  • plastic bag with zip closure;
  • laminated food bag;
  • embossed polyethylene film;
  • plastic mini tube;
  • between others.


It is necessary that you understand the importance of having the ideal partner when looking for the packaging industry. Count on a company that understands cost-effectiveness and competence.

  • A company that supplies the packaging industry

    Count on Inflex and have the solution you are looking for in the area of flexible plastic packaging, there are several options to meet the needs of each customer, such as packaging for animal feed, packaging for frozen food  and certified plastic packaging.


    Please be sure to contact us for more information on each option offered to Inflex customers.


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