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Polyethylene Films

Polyethylene Films

Much has been discussed about polyethylene films, understand that generally this solution can be summarized in polyethylene films, which are used to package food and other products.


If you want more information about polyethylene films, know that it plays the role of packaging food and other products.


Don't miss the chance to check out this and other suggestions in the field of flexible plastic packaging below.


  • Plastic bag;
  • bag with zip closure;
  • stand up pouch packaging;
  • laminated gift bag;
  • coextruded polyethylene film;
  • plastic tube for party favors;
  • between others.


Taking into account what was observed, when talking about polyethylene films, there is no other option for a company compared to the benefits offered by Inflex.

  • Company specializing in polyethylene films

    It is extremely important to know that with Inflex you can find several options when it comes to flexible plastic packaging, the company offers packaging for frozen food, packaging for animal feed and plastic coil,   among other options, always prioritizing personalized service to each client.


    Be sure to contact us for more information about the solutions offered by Inflex.


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