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Ziplock packaging

Ziplock packaging

If you are looking for ziplock packaging, note that everyone looking for ziplock packaging counts on Inflex.


Favoritism is due to characteristics such as protection and recyclable. Also, because they are already trustworthy, especially in the opinion of the food industry.


Check out more solutions on ziplock packaging.


  • Plastic bag;
  • clear plastic gift wrap;
  • plastic bag with zip closure;
  • laminated food bag;
  • embossed polyethylene film;
  • mini plastic tube;
  • between others.


Due to what was presented, it should be made clear that the objective is to facilitate the use of the  product, package and protect food and other products from external agents, whether liquid, solid or gaseous.

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    At Inflex you can find the solution you are looking for when it comes to flexible plastic packaging, the company offers options such as packaging for frozen food, packaging for animal feed, coils, among others.


    Inflex has a way of working known for protection and recyclable, contact us for more information and ensure the best in the flexible plastic packaging segment.


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