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Transparent Packaging

Transparent Packaging


Transparent packaging is of fundamental importance, see two important points. The first is to understand that transparent packages are used to store food and other products.


The second important point is whether the company will offer punctuality and availability to meet the needs of its customers, just like Inflex.


Be sure to check out more solutions on transparent packaging and other options in the segment.



  • transparent smooth pp plastic bag;
  • transparent plastic packaging;
  • stand up pouch packaging;
  • laminated bag with zip;
  • polyethylene plastic film;
  • plastic tube for moisturizer;
  • between others.


Taking these aspects into consideration, if you want to know more about values, be aware of raw material, labor, machine time and transport.

  • Company specializing in transparent packaging

    To find packaging reel, plastic reel   and packaging for animal feed, among other options in the flexible plastic packaging segment, you can count on Inflex, a company that has been operating in the market for over 31 years.


    Always available to its customers, the organization values protection and recyclability. Find out more by contacting us!


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