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Polypropylene Packaging

Polypropylene Packaging

People often talk about polypropylene packaging, it is important that you know that this is a solution that seeks to package food and other products. Also, it is known for protection.


But, if you have doubts about what exactly it is, it should be clarified that polypropylene packages are used to store food and other products. See other options regarding polypropylene packaging.


  • plastic bag with airtight closure;
  • transparent plastic packaging;
  • transparent bag with zip closure;
  • laminated bag;
  • low density polyethylene film;
  • plastic bisnaguinha for souvenirs;
  • between others.


By observing the analyzed aspects, it is necessary that you have a trustworthy company on your side. Count on Inflex, see more information below.

  • Specialized company

    Inflex operates in the flexible plastic packaging segment and provides its customers with extreme quality. This is the difference in being able to count on a company that is really specialized in your segment.


    For 31 years the company has been working on evolving its solutions and improving its service with the objective of always serving each customer in the best way.


    Be sure to contact us for more information about the solutions offered by Inflex.


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