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plastic tubes

plastic tubes

It can be said about plastic tubes, understand that in general this solution can be summarized in plastic tubes, which are used to package food. If you want more information about plastic tubes, know that it plays the role of packaging food and other products. Be sure to check out the list below for more flexible plastic packaging options.

  • plastic bag with airtight closure;
  • transparent bopp packaging;
  • transparent bag with zip closure;
  • laminated bag;
  • laminated plastic bag;
  • plastic bisnaguinha for souvenirs;
  • between others.

In view of what was presented, don't miss the chance to get to know Inflex better, which has extreme credibility in Capitals Brasil.

  • Discover the solutions that Inflex offers

    Get to know the solutions that Inflex offers, among them are varied options in the flexible plastic packaging segment, such as plastic coil for packaging Rio Grande do Sul, packaging for frozen Brazilian food and packaging coil. Providing a way of working that values handling and protection, Inflex has highly trained professionals. Contact us for more information.


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